You love and care for your media. We want to help you better organize and share it.

Some of us are movie buffs. Some of us are passionate about music. Some of us are budding photographers or videographers. We love how mobile and connected devices make it easy for us to create and enjoy our media and how new services and content are showing up every day, but we think it can be better. That's why we're committed to improving the way we discover, organize, protect, share, and enjoy our media.

Formed in 2016 and based in Round Rock, Texas, HomeBase is a home entertainment and technology company on a mission to help people consolidate their digital content and give them the ultimate flexibility in how they choose to enjoy it.

The HomeBase Hub was a product developed by our founder, who had been looking for the perfect cord cutting device that could serve up free live TV and that included a DVR built in, had tons of storage and allowed you to easily add more storage. The device needed to use little power but provide high end processing power to run the latest games and apps.  The product also needed to be able to act as a private cloud and server to allow access to your content from any device at any time.

After being frustrated by only finding bits and pieces of what he wanted in different devices, he set out to design one device that would do it all.  The HomeBase hub is the result of that work.  By using a Windows based device packed with the very latest in streaming and other technologies not available until now, the HomeBase Hub is the ultimate cord cutting device!

Our Partners

HomeBase has teamed up with some of the greatest hardware and software companies on the planet to bring you the amazing HomeBase Hub.

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